A Hybrid Technique for Fault Classification and Location in a Jointed Overhead-Underground Distribution Line

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Dorothy W. Gicheru
Edwell T. Mharakurwa
Waweru Njeri


The electrical distribution system is crucial for the utility grid to transmit power from generators to consumers. Considering the intricate structure of distribution systems and their significant role in power networks, establishing a robust fault classification and location scheme is vital. Due to ageing, distribution systems are often prone to faults from factors like poor operational conditions and wear and tear. The line faulting rate and the pertinent restoration epochs influence the frequency and duration of power disruptions. Thus, precisely locating the fault section is essential to minimize power restoration timeframes. This paper presents a hybrid fault classification and location technique in a combined continuous overhead and underground distribution line. A simulation of the hybrid model was designed in Simulink for an 11 kV combined continuous overhead and underground electrical distribution line, considering short circuit faults as they are the most predominant and cause massive damage in distributed systems. The proposed technique first classifies the fault using Discrete Wavelet Transforms (DWT) and Multi-layer Perceptron-Artificial Neural Networks (MLP-ANN). Next, the impedance and Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy System (ANFIS) based technique is employed for fault location. At a sample rate of 50 kHz, the DWT was applied to current signals and the coefficients used for ANN training, while phase impedance values were used as input to the ANFIS for training. The simulation results showed accuracy of 96.6% for fault classification and 99.17% for fault location. The developed models can significantly enhance fault location for speedier outage resolution by promptly repairing the affected distribution lines.

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Gicheru, D. W., Mharakurwa, E. T. ., & Njeri, W. (2023). A Hybrid Technique for Fault Classification and Location in a Jointed Overhead-Underground Distribution Line. Andalas Journal of Electrical and Electronic Engineering Technology, 3(2), 52–63. https://doi.org/10.25077/ajeeet.v3i2.51
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