Focus and Scope

Andalas Journal of Electrical and Electronic Engineering Technology (AJEEET) mainly focuses on electrical and electronic engineering research. Detailed scopes of articles accepted for submission to AJEEET are as follows:

  • Power Engineering: Electric Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution, Power Electronics, Power Quality, Power Economic, Flexible AC Transmission System (FACTS), Electromagnetic Compatibility, Electrical Engineering Materials, High Voltage Insulation Technologies, High Voltage Apparatuses, Lightning Detection and Protection, Power System Analysis, SCADA.
  • Renewable Energy: Solar PV technology, Solar thermal applications, Wind energy technology, Biomass energy, Energy conservation in buildings, Geothermal energy, Wave and tide energy, Ocean thermal energy conversion, Mini and micro hydro power, Hydrogen production technology, Fuel cell technology, Energy policy, Energy economics and planning, Nuclear energy.
  • Telecommunication Engineering: Information Theory and Coding, Communication Electronics and Microwave, Distributed Platform, Communication Network and Systems, Telematics Services, Security Network, Antenna and wave propagation, Network and systems, Modulation and signal processing, Radar and sonar, Radar imaging, Radio Communication, Multimedia content, Routing protocols, Wireless and mobile communications, Signal Processing, Image Processing, Voice Processing.
  • Control Systems: Robotics, Image Based Control, Hybrid and Switching Control, Alternative Control Method, Control and Intelligent Systems, Artificial Intelligent and Expert System, Machine Learning, Pattern Recognition, Sensors, Control Theory and Methods.
  • Computer Engineering: Computer Architecture, Parallel and Distributed Computer, Pervasive Computing, Computer Network, Embedded System, Human—Computer Interaction, Virtual/Augmented Reality, Computer Security, VLSI Design-Network Traffic Modeling, Performance Modeling, Dependable Computing, High Performance Computing, Computer Security.
  • Biomedical Engineering: Biomedical Physics, Biomedical Transducers and instrumentation, Biomedical System Design and Projects, Medical Imaging Equipment and Techniques, Telemedicine System, Biomedical Imaging and Image Processing, Biomedical Informatics and Telemedicine.
  • Electrical Engineering Education: Curriculum design, assessment, validation, new technologies, Case studies and reports of laboratory practice, Complement analyses of new teaching methods, Quality assurance for higher education, Information and communication technology in learning, Learning methods and assessment, Outcome based education.